Posted by: Annette Grantham | January 9, 2011

The monster in the road

This year has started off particularly stressful and I’m not handling it very well. Every aspect of my life seems off-kilter.

I’m losing control of my body gradually which makes everything harder. I drop things all the time. I move slower. I have an occasional tremor that I mostly hide, pockets are good for that.

My job is technically part-time but causes stress all the time. My physical problems cause issues and more stress. And the job is certainly not inspiring. Mostly, it is depressing. I work with a bunch of cranky people.

I’m a creative person and creating is how I relieve stress. It’s a spiritual thing. I’m not pleasant to be around if I can’t break away and work in my studio. You would think working part-time I would have lots of time. Yeah, right.

I spend ALL of my spare time helping someone flip a house. I have learned to tile and install an IKEA kitchen. But I have lost the rest of my life. There is nothing else but work and more work.

I’m socially isolated meaning I have no friends to speak of. No one to talk to. Not that anyone listens.

So the goal for the year is to get out of the dark hole I’m in and handle stress better.


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