Posted by: Annette Grantham | January 10, 2011

The Best Thing I Did in 2010

I have needed to lose weight for a long time. I am hypothyroid so every diet was just another failure and very discouraging. On top of that, my thyroid medication was reformulated and wasn’t working as well so the weight was piling on. I was frustrated.

I decided to join the Veterans Administration’s Move On weight loss program at the Portland VA Medical Center. I went to the doctor to change to a synthetic version of thyroid hormone. I went to weekly meetings where I learned about nutrition, handling stress, physical activity, and just plain old fashion support from others in the same boat as I. I kept a food journal and wore a pedometer everyday recording my steps daily. I discovered I walked 7-9 miles when I worked. Wow!

I lost 15 pounds in three months which is astounding for me. I maintained that loss through the holidays which we all know is tough. Now I need to get motivated and put my new recumbent exercise bike together and use it. The key for my weight loss is activity since my diet is pretty good. I’m one of those who doesn’t eat when I’m stressed. Quite the opposite.

My weight loss goals are small goals instead of big goals. I like something more attainable to keep my motivation up. My food goals are to incorporate more raw foods into my diet and more vegetables as always.


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