Posted by: Annette Grantham | January 11, 2011

Here’s to a new exercise routine

I finally put the recumbent exercise bike I got for Christmas together. I placed it in front of the TV by a window with a nice view. That way I can watch TV, enjoy nature right out my window, or read a book. I haven’t tried balancing my 17″ laptop while riding yet but that may be a possibility too.

I managed 20 minutes without killing myself. I don’t want to overdo it right off the bat but instead work up to 60 minutes a day. I watch at least 60 minutes of TV everyday so I will have no excuse not to watch from the bike rather from the couch.

I tried using Tony Little’s Gazelle but that kills my hip. Not good for someone who has to climb in and out of a delivery truck. So I got a Wii with a Fit Board. It is set up in the bedroom. So not conducive to being used everyday especially when that little fit board character insults you daily about your weight. So I use it occasionally for boxing and tennis and some of the balance games. But it is not enough to lose weight with.

I knew if I could get something in the living room, not too intrusive, I would use it more often. The boyfriend likes me close by so I would have no argument from him. I tried several different types of exercise equipment in different stores and decided I would be most comfortable on the recumbent bike.

I will have to keep you posted on my progress. Hopefully, my weight will be impacted in the right direction with the increase in exercise. At least that’s the way it suppose to work, right?


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